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Vasavi Seva Foundation-VSF Communication Guidelines:
VSF uses WhatsApp groups as a primary communication channel to share VSF social events, outreach or drives and achievements of the community, along with email, Facebook and website- We want to make sure it’s equitable to the needs of the community. We would like to enjoy the benefits of a vibrant and diverse community being that live directory for social oneness. Often enough there are special interests and other organizations and services that we broadcast in this VSF forum, this is welcome but goes with a few prerequisites and Whatsapp Admin approvals.

1.Limit business or entrepreneurial services ads and events to one photo or post with details
2.No posts, forwards of pictures & video of private parties/groups/events/ that require membership, affiliation or associations
3.Listing common local interest or events that don’t conflict with VSF events is allowed with admin approval 
4.Responding to call for vendors or services by the community members is allowed as information only and VSF will not be responsible to the offering and authenticity of the vendors and services
5. Refrain from controversial, contentious, disputable discussions, personal attacks and slander  
6. If you wish to conduct, host, lead or suggest any activity or post that is outside the VSF community norms, please approach the admin for approval
7. Please respect, help & be courteous to the members of the community
8.Do not share or compromise member contact information outside the VSF groups unless members have expressed interest in association
9.Please share achievements and success of the VSF family members and extended families from afar

Please use the Fourth Sunday of the month (open approval) to advertise any VSF member business to the community. Please remember that VSF is not liable for the validation, authenticity or credibility of the business or service. 

If there is any exception content that you wish to publish, please approach the administrator for “exception approval” The list of VSF administered whatsapp groups are listed here:

VSF nor the members of the group will be liable for the consequences of acting or considering, any referrals, suggestions or recommendations made in any area including, but not limited to services, financial, investing, tax, legal and health matters.

Please note that VSF membership is open to all Vysyas born or married into the community living in the bay area.

Namaste All,

We understand how passionate most of you all are about India. We understand you speak here with that passion and try to voice your support and defend what you believe in when expressing your feelings. However, we have built this organization/community to be together no matter what happens outside this community. 
We built this community to not just for the people who are in these groups today; we built for it to last for generations to come as a place where everyone feels safe and feels a place they can come to celebrate with each other and support each other in times of needs.

Please be mindful of this overarching vision of why we started VSF and why so many of us strive everyday to keep that vision alive.


We do not tolerate  personal attacks (direct or indirect) against any individuals for what they believe in. We also do not tolerate inciting comments and posts. Being part of this community is a privilege;  please be respectful of that.


We will revoke the privileges when someone actions are not supportive of the vision with which we started this organization.


VSF Board

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