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            RISINGSTARS: Children and Youth Wing of VSF


Mission: To create an environment that is contagious and a social statement of influencers to draw the

young and pull the older ones to be role models and mentors.

RisingStars in 2020-2021

Track Leads: Bhaskar Bhupalam & Anitha Kamasetty

We have identified singers, musicians,artists, tech savvy tool users and service gurus. We all are in it together to build a strong platform for our kids and youth by encouraging a strong bond supporting each other to be the best. We plan to work collectively and collaborate with all the other VSF tracks on all the activities. They say it takes a village to raise a kid and here we are as a community to raise them. 

Activity Goals for 2020-2021

Featuring a VSF Rising Start who may inspire and motivate other RS with achieved success and recognition in the fields of leadership, creative talent, sports and STEM with their skill and perseverance.

Nomination Process: Any VSF community personnel or parent can nominate. Link to Nominate

Rising Star in the spotlight will be published on FB, and WA groups and presented a Certificate of achievement.

Quarterly Contest Series

An initiative that is led by our own VSF Youth. This series consists of different contests spanning across different domains. We plan to announce them as we get closer to the dates. Prizes planned for all contests.


summer camp logo.PNG

Yearly Summer Camp

Camp lasting for 1-2 weeks led by VSF high schoolers for the middle and elementary schoolers. This STEAM focused program has been a super hit for the last few years including the completely virtual one in 2020. It comprises of a great mix of activities in arts and sciences, followed by a showcase of the beautiful performances.

Yearly summer camp <Tentative Jun-July 2021>



- College Planning Resources

- Bay Area Classical Music/Dance Teachers


Contact Track lead to be added to RisingStars Whatsapp group (VSF members and their children only)

Track Leads


Anitha Kamasetty


Bhaskar Bhupalam

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