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VSF  - Meals4Unhoused program on first Saturday of every month

Meals4Unhoused program hosted by Vasavi Seva Foundation(VSF). A program hosted, executed and participated by VSF members only. 

In today's world, compassion and empathy seem to be in short supply, the incredible acts of kindness displayed with VSF can serve as beacons of hope. The VSF outreach team is organizing and providing meals to the unhoused every first Saturday of each month starting April 2023. This monthly event will be serving close to 500 meal bags to the needy at four locations. 

   Packing in South Bay to serve homeless in San Jose.
   Packing in East Bay to serve homeless in San Francisco.
   Packing in Tri Valley to serve homeless in Oakland.
   Packing in Mountain House / Tracy to serve homeless in Tracy. 

Volunteers can sign up for the following services:


  Buying material (prior to event day)
  Hosting the packing event (morning of the event day)
  Packing (approx. 2 hours in the morning of the event day)
  Distribution (approx. 2 hours in the afternoon of the event day)


To volunteer at any of the locations, please contact the leads listed below.

With a clear mission in mind, VSF began by arranging for community members and volunteers to help feed the meals4unhoused regularly impacting the many people in need . Volunteer hours for this program is eligible for PVSA. 

To make this event possible, we welcome donations. You can donate money to the meals4Unhoused program that will go a long way to make one another’s lives better, with giving and receiving. 

Donations can be made through PayPal or a check to VSF. These donations can be a one time or recurring payment to support each of the monthly drives. We would love for you to celebrate your family events/occasions with seva via this program. 


Please memo the donations with meals4unhoused.

Donations recommended:

•    $1750 for 500 meals
•    $175 for 50 meals
•    $90 for 25 meals
•    $55 for 15 meals
•    or any amount

If you have any questions, please contact VSF's Outreach Team, Chakrapani Innamuri, Chitra Vinnakota & Nagesh Kanumury.

The volunteer hours will qualify for PVSA

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