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India Calling : Covid-19 Relief Fund Drive


5/15/2021 - Inches away from our goal, we are at $290k!🙏

5/14/2021 - Multiple organizations and corporations joined hands to raise funds for the drive.

Alation did a corporate donation inspired by one of the vsf members


Brindavana Kannada Koota based in New Jersey is another organization that raised funds for this cause

5/13/2021 - 2nd set of concentrators are enroute to India!

5/13/2021 - Last mile.... we are at $285k

5/13/2021 - Concentrators are helping a number of patients already. Each of the organizations have made the O2Cs available to appropriate patients. Covid Raksha has deployed more than half of them. Your donations are making a difference🙏

5/11/2021 - We are getting real close to our goal, donations are at $280k. One last push by all will get us across the line. Thank you for your continued support🙏

5/10/2021 - Good news! The 1st set of Oxygen Concentrators are in the hands of the organizations in India now. These concentrators will be put to immediate use to help the community. Here are the first 3 organizations


  • Awake Commit Transform India, Bengaluru (Covid Raksha team working with Shri. Tejasvi Surya) Contact info – 080 6191 4960

  • Vasavi Club, Hindupur Contact info – 94402 89337, 94410 91531, 96668 11099


  • Vasavi Youth Association, Gouribidanur Contact info – 94481 70035

5/09/2021 - *”Eagle has landed!”* Oxygen Concentrators, that is 🙂 Happy to share with you all that the 1st set of concentrators have finally reached Bengaluru! Team worked through multiple hurdles and delays to get them there! These will be distributed asap to the identified organizations across the various states. Logistics are being worked out to hand over the concentrators. Stay tuned, more details to follow. Thank you all🙏

5/08/2021 - We are inching towards our goal swiftly, we are at $245k now! Donations are coming from far and wide across the US, thank you spreading the word🙏

5/08/2021 - VSF was invited to participate in "Bengaluru Voice", a popular Kannada Radio Program that airs from SF bay area. Sunil Hebbur shared info about VSF's donation drive during Bengaluru Voice's program on covid-19 and about bay area organizations that are extending help. Pls check the segment here

5/06/2021 - We are at ~$230k, just past the 75% mark. Thank you🙏

5/06/2021 - Happy to share that our first set of concentrators are on its way to India. Expecting to get it in the hands of the needy,  soon after the paperwork has been cleared🤞

5/05/2021 - We are at $225k now. Thank you for your continued support!

5/04/2021 - Shipping delays due to airline capacity constraints, coupled with the spring holidays in China. Doing all we can to get them to India at the earliest.

5/03/2021- Thanks to your continued contributions, donations have crossed $200k.

5/03/2021- Update on distribution of oxygen concentrators: A total of 350 oxygen concentrators have been procured in two sets from your generous donations. They will be distributed in India, by mid-May subject to shipping logistics and customs clearance. Please check this VSF webpage for real-time updates.

5/01/2021- Thank you for your continued generosity. We have crossed our original goal in less than a week🙏 Thanks to $165k in donations, 350 units are ready to go!

4/30/2021-  We have raised $115k so far. Thanks for your help saving precious lives. We are very grateful to a large corporate donation of $35K from Encore Software Services .

This has now facilitated us in procuring our next set of oxygen concentrators that is slated to ship next week. 

Our collaboration with other non profit organizations -, Rotary, Rastrothana and Vasavi Association have helped us procure and ship the next consignment to India, delivering the help most needed.

Thanks for all your generous donations this far. We have more to go in reaching our goal of $300k soon!

4/29/2021- We have raised $75k so far. Let's keep at it and get to goal.

4/28/2021-  We have raised approximately $60k. We are ready to ship 100 Oxygen Concentrators. It's all packed and ready to be picked up by the shipping company. We are in the process of procuring more Oxygen Concentrators to meet the growing need in India.


    INDIA Calling Covid-19 Relief Fund

Many of us are alarmed at the crisis back in India and wondering, how we can help Once again, as a community let us get together and pool our resources to make a difference on the ground. The fastest way we can is by donating funds to help local groups in India. Based on discussion this far, Oxygen Concentrators are in short supply. VSF will buy and ship them to India using the funds we raise. We have partnered with local organizations (Vasavi association, rotary group and in conjunction with local political representatives) that will help facilitate the effort and provide visibility into our progress with the relief fund. Our heart and wishes go out to everyone out there mourning a loss or struggling to survive the pandemic.
Covid India calling task force team have been working tirelessly coordinating with suppliers and partner organizations in India to make sure our efforts are helping the most in need. We ask for your generous and gracious support to help us cross our goal of $300K or a goal of supplying 500+ oxygen concentrators. We believe oxygen concentrators are the need of the hour and also the hardest to procure. Each concentrator unit + accessories costs  approximately $500USD. Please consider sponsoring one concentrator unit and making a difference!

Please note 100% of the funds will be used for this cause only. We are working with local organizations in India to reuse these units safely after a patient recovers, so your contribution goes further to save more lives. 

You can donate via Paypal, or Zelle into the following accounts with a VSF Federal Tax ID : 26-0278561.

PayPal :
Zelle :

If you are considering donating through your company portal for matching, please provide the following information to speed up the procurement process :

For other questions you may have please refer to the FAQ:


For donation receipt:


We thank YOU so much for all your generous donations and call for continued support to this very enormous crisis we wish to tide over. Stay safe.

- VSF EC and Board

For more details please contact:

Sunil Hebbur (214) 708-9243/ Manikanta Boggarapu (503) 913-8464

Nagesh Kanumury (408) 603-5709/ Chakrapani Innamuri (510) 449-8922

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