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VSF 1,000 Sandwich Seva - May 6th 2023

On the occasion of Vasavi Jayanthi, we are launching sandwich seva to provide meals to homeless across the Bay Area.


Sandwiches will be prepared and bagged at four locations (San Jose, Mountain House, Livermore, and San Ramon).

After preparing the sandwich bags, they will be distributed in four locations (San Jose, Tracy, Oakland, and San Francisco).

Please join us in the sandwich seva by signing up to volunteer in preparation and distribution. Please note the times in the sign up sheet.

Sign-up Sheet: Link



Sandwich preparation locations and timings are below:

1) Livermore: 12–2 pm @ 5826 Elder Circle, Livermore, CA

2) San Ramon: 12–2 pm @ 622 Bond Ct, San Ramon, CA 94582

3) San Jose: 8:30–11:30 am @ 595 Parkhurst Drive, Campbell 95008

4) Mountain House: 12-2 pm @ 1478 S. Barker St., Mountain House

The volunteer hours will qualify for PVSA

For any queries reach out to: Nagesh or Chitra

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