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Suma Kollepara  is a loving and strong willed woman, blessed with three adorable kids, aged 18, 12 and 7.  Suma was the best wife and mother, a family could ask for. 

About one and half years ago, Suma was diagnosed with a neurological condition, called ALS ( ). It devastated the family. Her condition slowly deteriorated while the world was finding to keep itself safe from Corona. Suma had to use many medical devices to support her living at home. She started showing symptoms with slurred speech, severe back pain, weak hands and was unable to move without assistance as the time progressed much to the dismay of the family.

Suma's husband Krishna and kids watched her condition worsen day by day over the past one year. Krishna had to leave the job to take care of his wife since he came to know about the terminal condition that has no cure. He tried his best to tend to the wife while keeping it normal so that the kids will not have to experience trauma watching her worsening mother's condition. He exhausted all his financial reserves while fighting emotionally every day and keep Suma's spirits high. He tried his best to take care of three kids, ailing wife with mounting medical bills. 

On February 7th, Krishna had to call 911 to take Suma to the hospital due to her aggravated condition. She left the world on February 8th around 12:00 PM leaving behind her shattered family. 

Krishna performed her last rites on February 17th. The medical bills that stockpiled over the last one and half years fighting a terminal condition is overstraining the family.  Adding to it Krishna was without a job for the whole duration exacerbated the financial health of the family.

Under these circumstances, we sincerely request all of you to extend financial support to his family as they try to rebuild without the nucleus of the family.  Keep the family in your prayers and thoughts. Thank you all in advance for your kind support. "